New born announcement – Baby hella

I always few happy to photograph newborns! Meet baby Hella! This session was filled of joy, and there was such a happy atmosphere as the new baby had just arrived!  Parents and grandparents together, always a lovely moment!New born sessions usually take place on the first 10 days of the baby life, and the best place to take it it is the comfort zone of the baby`s home!

Sister’s Shoot – Malu & Mafer

Two little sister that actually look to me as two little princesses. Malu & Mafer, my little Brazilian friends, that I love so much!
One afternoon we went to the park to have a picnic, to run around the forest and play “hide and seek”. And that was the perfect way to capture how life should be; light, beautiful, happy and pink (for me!).  The images show all the small details that I am so in love with. The gentle hands holding fall leaves, the amazing sunlight gentle touching the tree leaves and so many genuine smile! Looking at the images just make me happy, and I hope you feel the same.

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Christmas shoot – Two little Angels

What a better way to spread the Christmas spirit than doing a lovely festive photo shoot with two little angels. Viva & Will are so cute and I had a lovely afternoon photographing them. Viva is very bubbly and was a big sister helping Will to sit down and look cute on the photos. Thank you for the family on trusting my job! And let’s wait on Santa! Merry Christmas to you all!



Pregnancy shoot – Christmas present

This post is a really special one! A beautiful family of 3, expecting another baby boy! A present for Christmas time! Anamaria has the prettiest smile! She looks so stunning on her 7th month of pregnancy… waiting on Antonio! Pedro & Sofia didn`t stop playing the entire session! What a joy to photograph a beautiful happy family! This shoot was made at the iconic Palm Jumeirah Park, where Sofia always spends her afternoons playing with mummy and daddy! And the cherry on the top, was the Christmas hat to celebrate the season!

Lucy and James wedding

A lovely guy from Uk, a beautiful lady from Brazil! They meet in Dubai and that is how love happened! This wedding was a beautiful Christian wedding in Dubai. The bride was so classy and romantic. Her dress was off white and beautifu; all the accessories made her look like a princessl. The groom had the most emotional reaction I have ever seen, when he had the first look. It was a really emotional day and I wish Luciane & James all the happiness in the newly married life together.