E-walls wedding event – Montgomerie Dubai

When many of the best wedding industry talents get together… something pretty happens!

Lilliam from E-walls invited me to photograph this beautiful event and I couldn’t be happier!

You can read the entire post made by Joelle on her lovely blog: www.mylovelywedding.com


Photographer:  www.paulascalco.com

Creative Concept & Styling – Joelle: www.mylovelywedding.com

Planning & Co-ordination – Liesel Papke : www.aghareed.com

Location: www.theaddress.com/en/hotels/the-address-montgomerie-dubai/

Stickers & Laser Cut Items: www.ewalls-s.com

Furniture: www.harlequin.ae

Flowers: www.firenzeflora.com

Table Décor: www.partysocial.ae

Invitations: www.designbylouma.com

Photo Booth: www.web.sharingbox.com

Wedding Dresses: www.houseofmoirai.com

Candy: www.ocandy.ae

Cake: www.cupncakesdubai.com

Gift Bag Printing: www.toilandtinker.com

Bespoke Candles: www.wallaceand.co

Dance Floor: www.dubaidancefloors.com