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Pregnancy shoot – Christmas present

This post is a really special one! A beautiful family of 3, expecting another baby boy! A present for Christmas time! Anamaria has the prettiest smile! She looks so stunning on her 7th month of pregnancy… waiting on Antonio! Pedro & Sofia didn`t stop playing the entire session! What a joy to photograph a beautiful happy family! This shoot was made at the iconic Palm Jumeirah Park, where Sofia always spends her afternoons playing with mummy and daddy! And the cherry on the top, was the Christmas hat to celebrate the season!

One thought on “Pregnancy shoot – Christmas present

  1. Thank you so much Paula, we love the photos!!!!
    This photoshoot was quite special, as I didnt do a pregnancy shoot with our first baby.
    Paula was amazing, and got some fantastic shots of my cranky baby :) She has an ability to see further than what the lens sees, not only great composition and color, but she actually captures feelings and details that last a lifetime.
    Thank you Paula!
    Anamaria, Pedro, Sofia & Antonio

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